5 Dakinis + 5 Elements

5 DakinisAll elements external and internal are the lama guru, like the sun and the moon. Seeing all symbolic appearances this way, is the way to rely upon your lama guru, who is always manifesting as these. Vajra Yogini – Water As the stream of diligence and the moistening of the mindstream with compassion, both relative and ultimate. She is totally positive. Karma Dakini – Air The force of realization and experience dispersing the obscurations clouding the sun of natural mind. Like the sky. She is creating auspiciousness. Buddha Dakini – Space Exemplifies being free of any limits, all pervading with no center or boundary. She is pacifying. Ratna Dakini – Earth As the ground of unchanging trust and devotion. She enlivens and enriches. Pema Dakini – Fire Luminosity. Intelligent as knowledge which burns the wood of mental affliction. The flames or wisdom which enlighten the darkest of self-centered ego, delusion, or any idea of separation. She is magnetizing. Ah Women !

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