Why Meditate by Benjamin Prichard

Why meditate? I meditate for you! A wise human once said, “Meditation is more than you think.” So forget what you’ve heard about it because it’s not selfish, it’s not a waste of time, and it’s not easy. A meditation master spends over 100,000 hours of his life in meditation. They transform their life through the commitment to their practice often leaving behind family and friends to seek realization and enlightenment. I’ve been a practicing Buddhist for several years now because at the right time in my life, I luckily found a compassionate teacher, part of the Kagyu lineage. He lived nearby and would share the teachings of the Buddha with me, concerning Vajrayana Buddhism. Now, I can honestly say all of my hard questions about life have been answered. I either learned the answers directly from my teacher whom I call, Lama in Sanskrit or through hours of silent meditation with my eyes open.

At one point, pretty early on in the practice I realized I can never go back to my old life. I’ll take no part in ever hurting people or intentionally destroying the environment again. I’ve taken spiritual refuge in my teacher, the spirit realms, the enlightened Buddha’s, the teachings of the Buddha, the group of Buddhists with whom I practice daily and the protectors/defenders of the Buddhist teachings. I’ve made my commitment to stay here on Earth forever to help people until we’re all enlightened and can leave together.

Meditation takes me out of my body and brings me back into spirit. The distractions of this world seem miles away. I’m grounded as I watch my breath slowly go in and out. My subtle body moves beyond the constructs of my mind and reconnects me to the universe. I imagine each and every one of you right there beside me practicing. I see you all as reflections of myself and it’s beyond empowering. I visually place any enemies in front of me and my friends behind me. I breathe in dark negative energy and consume it while breathing out light. I have no fear of death while breathing in the sickness, pollution, and disease from around the world. I’m a infinite being and will forever exist.

I realize at any moment my next breathe could be my last in this body so I place my focus on my heart. The ultimate goal of meditation is to train our bodies and mind to focus on the heart so we’re present enough to confront the world without overreacting or causing any other problems. Realize all humans have the same basic needs including sustenance, security and love but we all have different ways of acquiring these things. Find your unique way and seek nothing else.

I believe that human potential is nearly limitless. I also believe none of us will reach that limit anytime soon. I’m continually reminded of this every day. I too must agree that I have not lived up to my potential. Either way, I try every day to improve.

I recommend everyone taking time to meditate. Every day we are bombarded with so much information, we yearn for a quiet moment to decompress. So at first simply sit still and watch your thoughts race, treasuring the quiet moments between the thoughts.   Meditation is very useful in simulating life because as soon as the body stops being active our mind recreate a busy world of thoughts.   Luckily it will eventually stop and a good practitioner will lose themselves in the practice, riding the highs and lows to a plateau where life eventually flows effortlessly. A master can dwell there timelessly, riding the present moment in a state of grace. I love all of you and imagine you being your best. You’re the reason I practice. We’re in this together so give yourself a moment to meditate. The divine in me honors the divine you.




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