Buddhahood = Perfect Health

Only humans can be trained to recognize their intrinsic states of awareness and practice to become what they and this universe already are; Buddha – shamata – dharmakaya – dhi – light or pure energy, in a state of non-separation or unity. This state (of mind) can be experienced by ordinary humans many ways: sexual orgasm, psychedelic drugs, near death or out of the body experiences, extreme sport activities, yogas, meditation, isolation, dance, torture, a good sneeze, fear or any extreme emotional state. One of the most direct paths to perfect health are the mahayana and vajrayana practices of Tibetan Buddhism. These practices use disciplines of yoga and meditation which are based on loving kindness and concern for others and one’s natural environment. These, together with devotion and trust to one’s guru or lama, lead to perfect health.

The results of practicing in this tradition, are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual good health; a pain free body, a contented mind, emotional stability, and a spiritual experience and realization of the nature of mind in harmony and union with the natural world and every one and everything in it in a lasting timeless way. Ah women!

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