Rebirth is the process by which we move in time from one life to the next. It is controlled by our emotional involvement with our forms and thoughts. We call this karma. Regardless of our faith or belief, future rebirths are caused by the negative or positive results of our body speech and mind’s activity. These rebirths basically fall into six categories.

1. The cause of being reborn in a heavenly spirit realm, which is not permanent, is pride and self-aggrandizement, or the need to be adored.

2. The cause of being reborn as a Titan God or Goddess is jealousy or envy and power-mongering.

3. The cause of a human rebirth is desire or lust.

4. The cause of animal rebirth is stupidity or ignorance.

5. The cause of rebirth as a hungry deprived spirit is stinginess or greed.

6. The cause of a being reborn as a demonic spirit is anger or hatred. This is all called cyclic existence which started in the human mind or realm. There is a kind of rebirth that only human beings can accomplish which is out side of time and emotional involvement. It is attainable through training in totally positive human activity of one’s body, speech and mind on the extraordinary path of the bodhisattva, the result of which is Buddhahood. In this state of mind all one’ s future rebirths are a spontaneous result of wisdom mind. In our reality this is like a mother’s relationship to her only child. Ah women !

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