This in the human condition is caused by the idea of a “self” or “ego” separated from others. Most of the human race suffers from this delusion, which of course is not true. Every thing and every one is inter-connected and all of this is one’s life support system. The antidote to war, fighting, and quarrelling, is loving kindness, compassion, and concern for all others and our natural environment. The most dangerous state of ignorance is one’s “ego”. or “I”. The emotional involvement with this “ego” causes pain and suffering on all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual. This produces unrest. The extreme of this unrest is greed, anger, hatred, rage, etc. etc. etc. These psychotic states are enforced by political, military, corporate, and even religious groups. On this planet anyone or anything that disrupts the presence of peace and harmony, cooperation and respect in one’s mind or socially is in a state of war. Ah women !

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