This word arises from the two worlds or states of being 1. carnate – animals and humans 2. discarnate or spirits. In the spirit world there are four levels: 1. Demonic spirits of the 18 kinds of hells 2. Deprived spirits of 260 different categories 3. Spartans or jealous power-mongering gods and goddesses of 18 divisions 4. Celestial gods and goddesses of 3 levels, desire realm, radiant form realm and formless realm. All of this is called cyclic existence because it’s basis is a belief in a “self”, ego or soul, existing separate from every one and every thing, in nature. This temporal existence is based on karma: or cause and effect. Each of these states of existence involve pain and suffering because of one’s emotional involvement with what one thinks and one’s state of being; form or formless. There is another path of spirituality that says all of this drama and the universe itself is illusory and that mind and the universe are inseparable, and that realizing this is to simply, through spiritual discipline, develop an open mind free of emotional involvement and the heart of loving kindness, compassion, insight and power. This is the accomplishment of perfection in the human condition and the end result of our evolutionary process on this planet. Ah Women !

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